Cute Kids Umbrella that protects your child from the rain, the wind and the sun!

Cat umbrella, Girls umbrella, kids umbrella

Finally, your precious little ones can have fun in the sun or the rain while also protecting their delicate skin with these cute umbrellas for kids! 

ALL WEATHER PROTECTION: This kids umbrella has built-in UPF50 Sun Protection which blocks 98% of UV rays and protects your dear ones from both harmful UVA and UVB radiation while also shielding them from the rain or the wind!  Additionally, this UV umbrella will help your child feel much cooler than other umbrellas when it is hot and sunny outside as other kid umbrellas do NOT have any UV protection.

FUN SAFE DESIGNS FOR KIDS: Allows it to easily slide open and close.  Designed to keep those little fingers safe and will NOT pinch them.  Comes in fun 3D designs with ears that automatically pop up when open! Like the Hawaiian Sunsets umbrellas for women, the more expensive pongee material was used in the canopy as it is more Eco-friendly than the commonly used polyester, which is cheap and is difficult to degrade in the environment.  Additionally, pongee is more abrasion resistant and resists color fading. 

ECO-FRIENDLY and Superior material!  The canopy is made of pongee fabric which is easier to break down in the environment than polyester.  Unlike polyester, which is a cheap material that is commonly used in many umbrellas but does not degrade easily, Pongee fabric is more eco-friendly than polyester! They are also more abrasion resistant, water proof and resists fading which makes this canopy superior to the more common and cheaper polyester fabric!

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be 100% satisfied with our beautiful sun protecting umbrella for kids that protect your child from both the rain and the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun!