Top 5 Umbrellas for 2021

Beautiful Umbrellas and Women holding cute umbrellas

Umbrellas have made some great advancements in recent years.  No longer do you have to settle for the same black canopy that everyone else is using.  Now you have options to showcase your unique style while also protecting yourself from the elements including the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Other designs are specifically manufactured to provide excellent wind resistance while others are large enough to cover two people. 

Since there are a variety of designs for umbrellas, there are some questions to help you consider what is the “best” umbrella for you. Do you prefer a light travel size that fits in your purse or would you prefer a larger stick umbrella that will provide maximum protection even though it will be heavier? Is it made with eco-friendly materials? Does it protect you from the sun? Does it come in fun child-friendly designs?  The “best” umbrella will ultimately come down to the user’s preference. 

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Here are the top 5 modern umbrellas in 2021:

1) Hawaiian Sunsets Umbrellas for Women $29.97


Hawaiian Sunsets Umbrellas for women stylish

Finally, a modern stylish umbrella for women is available in a variety of beautiful designs.  Hawaiian Sunsets umbrellas come with UPF 50+ protection which blocks 98% of UV rays and protects you from both harmful UVA & UVB radiation to prevent premature aging of your skin and helps you feel cooler under the hot sun.  While most umbrellas have handles that are too small for even a petite woman, these handles are larger and more comfortable to hold. The canopy is made of Eco-friendly pongee which is more abrasion resistant and resistant to color fading than the common and cheap polyester used in most umbrellas. Hawaiian Sunsets umbrellas are less than 1 lb and 13 inches when closed.  

Pros: UV Protection, gorgeous designs, eco-friendly canopy.  Some like its feeling of sturdiness 

Cons: Some have indicated that it takes some strength to close it. Though it is less than 1 lb, some consider it a bit heavy

Comments from customers: “I bought this because of several medications conditions I have that make me sensitive to sunlight and heat. I had my doubts but I was so pleasantly surprised that this umbrella really helped with the temperature! I feel significantly cooler under this umbrella, easily 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler! It's very well made and cheerful to boot!"

"It's a beautiful looking umbrella and I love the inside black cover that does a great job of blocking the sun. I live in a very hot summer climate and the sun is brutal. Due to a rare skin condition, sun protection is very important to me.


2) BLUNT Classic Stick Umbrella $89


Blunt Classic Umbrella blue men women

The “safest” and most futuristic umbrella available online.  Rounded edges were implemented to prevent getting poked with edges and the special Radial Tension System in its canopy and flexible fiberglass ribs allows it to handle heavy winds up to 55mph without breaking. 

Pros - aesthetically pleasing, it just looks cool. Fiberglass material makes it feel light for a stick umbrella. 

Cons: Rounded edges mean there is less area to protect you from the rain.  Some have reported that the mechanism does not always stay open or sometimes just closes by itself without any wind.  Polyester canopy - for the price, we would like to see eco-friendly material used instead in the canopy

Comments from customers: "Definitely windproof! Perfect umbrella for city living. It gets extremely windy where I live, and I've typically gone through 2 umbrellas a year, which typically break after using it just 5 times. However, I've had this umbrella through two blizzard-heavy winters, rainy springs, and gusty autumns and can confirm that it is the best umbrella for city living." 


3) Hawaiian Sunsets Kids Umbrella $25.79

Hawaiian Sunsets Kids Umbrellas girls boys

Finally, there is a cute kids umbrella that blocks 98% of UV rays and protects your dear little ones from both harmful UVA and UVB radiation! This UV umbrella provides sun protection that helps your child feel much cooler than other umbrellas when it is hot and sunny outside! Fun child-safe design to allow this stick umbrella to easily slide open and close. Designed to keep those little fingers safe and will not pinch them. Comes in fun 3D designs with ears that automatically pop up when open. Like the Hawaiian Sunsets umbrellas for women, the more expensive pongee material was used in the canopy as it is more Eco-friendly than the commonly used polyester, which is cheap and is difficult to degrade in the environment.  Additionally, pongee is more abrasion resistant and resists color fading.   

Pros: UV protection in an adorable child-safe umbrella. Eco-friendly canopy

Cons: Occasionally, they run out of stock

Comments from customers: “It’s durable and easy to use for our 4 year old. The ears stay upright very well and that’s her favorite part!"

"This is very cute!  My little ones and granddaughters love it!"

"My daughter is a kitty lover and she loves this umbrella. She is 5 and it’s the perfect size for her"


4) UV-Blocker Golf Umbrella $54.95


UV-Blocker golf umbrella upf sun umbrella

The Solarteck fabric with silver coating on the outside reflects 99% UVA and UVB rays and may keep you 15 degrees cooler.  Approved by Melanoma International Foundation.  Double canopy Vented Mesh System is designed to allow wind to pass between the two canopies.  Arc Size: 62 Inches, Diameter: 53 Inches, Closed Length: 39 Inches, Weight: 2.125 lbs 

Pros - Golf Umbrella - large coverage - diameter 53 inch with sun protection    

Cons: Multiple customers reported that it does Not fit into golf carts holders.  Others have commented on how heavy it is at 2.125lbs, which is more than double the weight of most umbrellas

Comments from customers: "I think I was cooler, much cooler under this umbrella, This is a must-have for hot weather - it needs more headroom though"

5) Davek Solo Umbrella $115

Davek solo umbrella wind resistant windproof

Unconditional Lifetime guarantee of a premium high-quality wind resistant umbrella. If your umbrella should break at any time, the company will gladly replace it for free (excluding shipping). Forever. This warranty applies to only authorized sellers on Amazon. Additionally, every new Davek umbrella purchase comes with a unique “loss protection” number, which you can use to redeem a replacement at up to 50% off. The loss protection number may only be used once and will automatically deactivate after first use. It feels very solid and well-made. Wind-resistant up to 60mph. The handle feels like the gear shift in a car.  Closed length: 11.75 in. Arc diameter: 43 in.; Coverage diameter: 37 in.; Weight: 1 lb 2 oz 

Pros: Premium wind-resistant umbrella with quality that you can feel. Well constructed

Cons: The price. Some have reported that it takes quite a bit of energy to close.  The handles and the wrist strap are small. No UV protection. Would be great to have in more than just 3 solid colors

Comments from customers:  "This umbrella is a work of umbrella art. It is pricy but you can feel the difference when you hold it. But all of the materials just seem better. Stitching is strong. The material is tight. The shaft is amazing and the handle, with the leather piece I can wrap around  It is a little heavier than I expected, but I chalk that up to good construction. The one-touch open and close gave me the one-handed control I was hoping for."


The best umbrella will depend on your preference.  For a travel umbrella that is stylish, Eco-friendly, and protects you from the rain, the wind, and the sun, consider the Hawaiian Sunsets Umbrellas for Women and the Kids Umbrellas from Hawaiian Sunsets.  For maximum sun protection, consider the stick umbrella from UV-Blocker Golf umbrella.  For a wind-resistant umbrella with a lifetime guarantee, consider the umbrellas from Davek.