Purple umbrella with cherry blossoms as exterior design.  UV Umbrella
Purple umbrella with cherry blossoms exterior design.  UV Umbrella
purple umbrella with cherry blossoms dimensions and benefits
Woman smiling walking with purple umbrella on street
Photographer taking picture of girl walking on street with purple umbrella

Compact Umbrella for Women | Sun Umbrella Rain | Cherry Blossoms | Girl Umbrella

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Perfect to add together with your sun protection clothing for women with these weatherman umbrellas for women that also provide protection from the sun!

BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: Don't settle for another boring black umbrella, flimsy reverse umbrella, inside out umbrella or oversize golf umbrella!  It's about time you can choose an UV umbrella compact that also comes in various stunning colors and designs either on the inside or the outside! Now you will look and feel fabulous for photos whether in the rain or under the sun with a parasol umbrella in modern designs! These gorgeous umberallas makes a wonderful gift for yourself or others!  

SUN UMBRELLA UV PROTECTION PARASOL is a rain umbrella with UPF 50+ protection which blocks 98% of UV rays and protects you from both harmful UVA & UVB radiation to prevent premature aging of your skin. These womens umbrellas beat having to continuously apply and reapply those greasy sunscreens that only provide UVB protection. Additionally, this portable umbrella sun protection will help you feel significantly cooler under the hot sun!  You will be grateful for using this travel umbrella!

LARGE COMFORTABLE HANDLES: Have you noticed that most windproof umbrella or unbrella rain have handles that are too small for your hands! You do not need another small umbrella, folding umbrella, portable umbrella or mini travel umbrella with tiny handles! Your hands will feel much better for using these larger comfortable handles! Additionally, these compact umbrellas are lightweight and weigh less than 1 pound and are only 13 inches when closed. Your hands deserve to feel more comfortable!

AUTO OPEN/CLOSE: Best umbrella automatic open close button allows you to open the cute umbrella using just one finger! A large umbrella or a big umbrella can not be opened with one hand. A reverse umbrella and an inverted umbrella tend to pinch your fingers.  Additionally, these wind resistant umbrellas have ribs made of fiberglass to allow them to bend slightly like the limbs of a tree in the wind - a truly heavy duty umbrella!  This allows this strong umbrella to bounce back without breaking!

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be 100% satisfied with our beautiful compact umbrella that protect you from both the rain and the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun! Additionally, this parasol umbrella is more ECO-FRIENDLY than most as the canopy is made from pongee instead of the common/cheap polyester which does not easily decompose. You can help the Earth with foldable umbrella and windproof umbrella compact that uses pongee fabric such as the ones from Hawaiian Sunsets!

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