About Us

Since we spend most of the year in the beautiful but rainy Seattle, we have always loved to travel to warm and sunny places like Hawaii and Cartagena, Colombia whenever we could.  Traveling from one area to another state or country can bring extreme weather changes and we wanted to use umbrellas that could protect us from the various elements.  But almost all the travel sized umbrellas we found were cheaply made, broke easily in the wind and only came in boring solid or plaid colors.  

Thus, our family business started out of the need to have quality umbrellas that protected us from the sun and the rain.  So we worked with several manufacturers to construct our umbrellas using higher quality materials including a Eco-friendly fabric that has the best UV protection possible (UPF50+), ribs made out of fiberglass to make them more wind resistant and made the handles more comfortable to hold.  

Have you noticed that most umbrellas' handles are too small for even the most petite woman? They were NOT made with anyone's comfort in mind.  So we switched them out for larger more comfortable handles.  These handles also comes with a button that allows you to open and close the canopy with just one finger.  And now with the use of these higher quality materials, we are proud to offer beautiful well constructed umbrellas from Hawaiian Sunsets that can protect you from most elements while still looking stylish! 


Andrea and Jeff from Hawaiian Sunsets Umbrellas

Husband and Wife